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The world around us has all kinds of sounds, from the pizza guy ringing the doorbell, the radio going off on the alarm clock, the street merchant selling food and magazines or the sound of church bells ringing every hour for the town. Sound can be heard on many levels simultaneously. While visuals only have a foreground and a background, audio can be heard with the human ear on 7 to 9 planes all at the same time. What does that mean to you? Well. it means you can have from 7 to 9 tracks of audio working together to get your message out. i.e foreground and background music, voiceover, sound effects, your company slogan or jingle, all singing together to support your marketing efforts. The sounds of your audio brand and unique messaging can be delivered with impact.

If you’ve already visited this site’s Overhead Music page, you understand the power of music. And our Web Audio page gives an interesting perspective on the overall power of sound. Sound Marketing Resources uses this power to support your marketing efforts. Even more, we open doors and opportunities to reach, teach, motivate and move your target market in ways that go far beyond traditional marketing tools.

• Once it is set-up it pays back all year long making your investment payback everytime a customer is on-hold, listening to a audio message online, or hearing some pleasant music playing overhead.

Here are a few examples of some possible media outlets to get your message seen and/or heard


  • Viral Audio, Viral Videos and Audio/Video Promotion: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Websites- streaming from the site or separate server
  • Podcasts of Video and/or Audio
  • Audio postcards, audio e-mails or simply an e-mail that has audio streamed or embedded sound files
  • Call center sends customized audio messages upon phone pick-up with telegreeting
  • Auto-attendent Brand-Message Audio Design Services
  • Overhead Music and overhead "branded" radio- ie: Your Company Overhead Station
  • Telephone On-hold Messaging and greetings
  • Background Music
  • Voice-overs or professional narration
  • Power Point Audio or Sound Enhanced
  • Audio Brochures and Postcards via Video Enabled/Embedded PDF Files
  • Audio Blogs
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Point Of Sale Displays or Kiosks
  • Public Safety Announcements
  • Commercials for radio, TV, You Tube or wherever needed
  • Audio/Video Tour Presentations
  • And More…

It’s time to say what you have to say… out loud. Contact Sound Marketing Resources today at: 610.404.4644

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