Overhead Music

What’s the sound of your business?

“Music is more than a language; it is the language of languages. It can be said that of all the arts, there is none other that more powerfully moves and changes the consciousness.” David Tame, The Secret Power of Music

It calms, it excites, it motivates, and it heals: among the constant torrent of input that bombards us every day, nothing can match the profound effect of music. From the driving pulse of electronica to the soothing caress of strings, music is the paint the mind craves to create a lasting impression.

Music changes people.

Musicologist Julius Pornoy found that music could actually change metabolic rates, increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels and even alter digestion. Music is used as therapy in the medical field to lower blood pressure, treat A.D.D. children. It is used to treat mental illness and depression and aid in healing.

Tap into the power of music… and messaging.

Sound Marketing Resources taps into the mind’s response to music. Using the power of music, we create a mood that brands you like no other media. Your customers, your employees virtually captivated by the music are now receptive to the messages spoken. This is the innovation of influence, the musicality of marketing that creates a mental business card that can’t be tossed away or misplaced. The use of background music has transcended the days of elevator music. Today, overhead music embraces every musical genre, every style and pulse, appealing to the widest possible market base…or focused like a laser pinpoint on a particular market segment. Music is that powerful, that diverse and universally adaptable to virtually any type of business.

SMR will recommend system design and equipment resources that deliver and control customized playlists that develop your unique environment, supporting your brand and enhancing your customer experience. Calm your workforce, motivate your customers, nurture your nursing home residents or brand your company’s image indelibly in the minds of your target market: there is no business that cannot be positively impacted by overhead music. Contact Sound Marketing Resources and unleash the power of music.

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