Auto-Attendant or Telephony Greetings

The comfy path that leads to caller satisfaction

When a potential client calls a business, their first impression of the service they can expect is based on their phone experience. Making them walk through a maze to find the right department or causing confusion during after-hours calls isn’t the impression you want to leave. There’s a better way.

Enhance their perception

Telephony Greetings are the helpful audio ‘tour guides’ that put your callers at ease. These customized messages provide simple and effective instructions, warm greetings and a professional appearance that’s vital in promoting your company’s positive image. When callers are ‘personally guided’ with quality audio instructions, you eliminate frustration and dramatically reduce hang-ups. No one likes to feel abandoned when they make a call. Sound Marketing Resources provides the perfect audio attendant. Always professional, warm and welcoming, Telephony Greetings are the electronic audio hosts and hostesses that make your callers feel at home…even when you’re not there.

Telephony Greetings include:

  • Auto Attendants
  • After Hours Greetings
  • Hot Line Announcements
  • Outgoing recorded telemarketing presentations
  • Directions
  • Event Schedules

Educational, informative, helpful: Telephony Greetings from SMR is the comfortable path your callers travel to reach the right resources while enhancing their perception of your customer service. Eliminate the generic electronic “gate keepers”. Replace them with the perfect telephone host from Sound Marketing Resources.

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